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Sunday, May 30, 2010

was said to be too slow in knowing this song, but wasn't given the opportunity to rectify this.

I really ought to stop listening to emo songs. they really make a normally cheerful me upset.

"I am PRETTY, accept it."

1:13 AM

Thursday, May 27, 2010
i couldn't update my fb status coz it was simply too long. and I refuse to just let all my hard work at typing go to waste just like that so i'm pasting it here anyway:

"i just saw two motorcyclist sprawled in the middle of SLE, with one unconscious, and a policeman attempting to wake him.

and suddenly, i thought about the wife/mom/dad/gf who's gonna be so devastated at the news, who's gonna hurt so badly mentally, maybe as badly as how the guy is hurt physically, and who's gonna wish they stopped him from going out to work that day.

and here I am thinking, even if the guy doesn't get killed in the accident, he's gonna be so badly hurt. i.e. brain damage, paralysis, loss of limbs etc.

and I'm so affected by it that I actually stopped planning for the meeting that's gonna happen in 30mins to type this long status update.

:( "

- Posted on the go with my precious iPhone

"I am PRETTY, accept it."

11:39 AM

Monday, March 22, 2010
It's one of those rarest days in a month that I managed to get home so early (aka 7pm) that I actually had to luxury of feeling bored, when I realized I havent been blogging for the longest time. Whatever happened to the Kimberly who blogged practically everyday in the past?

She kinda disappeared I guess.

She disappeared into her work, often staying late at work such that she started feeling so utterly blessed when she gets to go home at 6pm. Like WTH happened to the girl who used to feel depressed at the thought of going home straight after work without any hot dates?

I feel like I have aged ten years in the 3 months that I changed job. Circumstances made me build this armour such that shit hurled at me wouldnt touch me. But I think the armour isnt that strong yet 'cause I still get affected at times. Circumstances also taught me that I need to cover my ass at all times, plus know my job well enough that I can justify for my actions. Plus the lesson that being the nice one usually ends up being the last one who gets all the shit.

Alot of things learnt in the course of 3 months huh. haha.

Anyhow, I am finally settling down in the job, and doesnt feel as lost. Job-wise that is.

On the other hand, I'm starting to feel aimless and lost in my personal life. I'm not utilizing my brains that much now, and am starting to fear that my brains would start to degenerate at the rate that I watch 2am and 2pm on youtube.



In the narcissism news, I havent been posting up enough pictures of my zipais huh. I cant lose this part of me as well!

So here are some that I have taken while waiting for Xiang to dye her hair the other day. The similar poses are due to the fact that I was testing out the different apps on my iPhone. HA.


My fav of the lot. :)


Xiang thought that I was kinda mad to be constantly snapping away and checking the phone to see whether I'm chio enough not.


HAHA. Another similar one. But note the different color tones!!


I <3 my iPhone!



Here's one with my nephew. :))


And one of me waiting for dinner that I dozed off on Grass' bed. Faked of course. Otherwise how to take the pic la.


And one final pic of me and Jas. During CNY.

I miss my lashies. =(

"I am PRETTY, accept it."

8:43 PM

Monday, February 1, 2010
You are Beautiful
It's been a long time since I have watched a Korean drama and gotten so totally hooked. And I so have to gush about it over here.

You are Beautiful consists of:

- All those damn hot kpop singers that have been making me swoon like a teenager once again.

- A damn fabulous OST.

- A member of the band that resembles TOP from Big Bang with his eyeliner (hot hot hot! But sometimes also resembling *archem* Adamn Lambert *archem*), who's mean on the surface but totally a softy at heart (like Rain in Full House).

- A member that resembles G Dragon with his blonde hair but the hilarity of the guy from Hana Kimi

- A member who is so charming and has the tenderness of Kim Hyun Joon from Boys over Flowers, who's always looking out for the girl.

- And finally, the female lead who's disguised as a guy to be in the band. This totally reminds me of Coffee Prince and Hana Kimi.

I'm seriously totally hooked, and I'm only at Ep 8.

And this show is the reason why I'm still awake at the unearthly hour of 1.40am when tomorrow's a working day. I feel young again! I'm no longer sleeping at 11pm. HAHA.

"I am PRETTY, accept it."

1:33 AM

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Can't understand
Every single morning while walking to the LRT station, I would be perplexed by the people that attempt to take more than one set of the free newspapers.

They would take one set, then pretend to walk another round, to take another set. Then when the newspaper distributing auntie sees that, she would be scolding the greedy woman (oh. it's always a woman and seldom a man who's guilty of this).

The angry newspaper distributing auntie scoldings could not deter the greedy woman's want for more newspapers, and MORE newspapers, and even MORE newspapers as the greedy
woman would attempt to stuff the newspapers into her bag/ plastic bags/ kiap under her armpit/ whatever measures just to get MORE newspapers.

Like what the hell. Why do they need so many sets of newspapers for? To accumulate to sell to the karung guni man? Or do they need the newspapers to pick up their dog shit, or wrap vegetables, or what?

If it's for the karung guni man, I'll have to say, they would have to walk alot of times and try to collect free newspapers unabashedly to even earn a miserly 2bucks.

If it's for the picking up of dog shit, then I guess I have to pity the dog for having such weak intestines that it is perpetually shitting.

If it is for the wrapping of veg, well, I guess they consume alot of veg at home.

And I can't think of anymore reasons why they would need so many sets of newspapers as I won't believe that they are taking them for reading purposes.

Of the many traits that I detest in a human, greediness and stinginess beat all others to reign at the top of my billboard charts.

Stay tuned for the next post about stinginess in my cousin's friend. It's now time for me to sleep on my bus that is stuck in a jam. :))

"I am PRETTY, accept it."

8:01 AM

Monday, January 25, 2010
and so..
And so.. the new year has zoomed by, and it's now nearing the end of January.

Previously, I used to love January. After all, it's the month of my birthday, the month of the new year that spells new beginnings, and the month that gives me the most squishy feeling 'cause there's gonna be my birthday.

But this year, it has all changed. I can't exactly remember how the years went by so quickly. The uni years were all lumped together in one huge memory, with some distinct ones that can't exactly be placed into a specific year, but rather, I used the year that I worked with certain people to recall which year was that exactly.

This year, is also the year that I took quite some time to remember exactly how old am I. Is that a sign of impending old age? Or is that simply because I don't exactly have the luxury of time to think about how old am I, and how old am I gonna be soon. Gosh. I seriously feel damn old!!

But this year, I still count my blessings to have such a wonderful family (abeit some unhappiness that I'm pretty sure happens to every single family out there), wonderful cousins and friends and great colleagues (not that they would ever read this blog for obvious reasons).

And this is the year that I finally understood why people set new year's resolutions, and why people indulge in materialistic wants. The latter is just a way to reward oneself after working so damn hard all the time (or that's how I feel la huh).

In other news, I have gotten my iPhone, and I guess it's this reason why I'm perpetually on msn, but seldom have the time to chat, and use the lappy so infrequently that I only use it at
most once a week much to Erinna's annoyance. HA. I'm blogging from my iPhone fyi. HAHA. And I'm loving it. Gosh, the whole world should have an iPhone man. The world would be such a better place. HAHA.

To end off this post, here's my love:

"I am PRETTY, accept it."

9:16 PM

Saturday, December 12, 2009
Ok, so I'm back
Okay, so I'm back from Beijing, spent a week in bed nursing a horrid cough that looked so green and lumpy that I grossed Allan out so badly. HA. Then I had the worst stomach pains that could never be menstrual cramps, with fever, diarrhea, and constant puking to boot. It was so bad that the doc actually suspected appendicitis. Scare the hell outta me.

But anyway, Beijing was so darn cold that I couldnt really enjoy it. I was busy hibernating the moment I wore my down jacket 'cause it felt so comfy. That resulted in me being really sleepy for most parts of the trip.

And no pics for the Beijing trip 'cause I looked really really terrible. I think only my Ah Gong loved holding my uber round face in his hands and chuckling that I looked so cute. Like omfgosh. I looked so damn disgusting. Thank goodness my face doesn't look as round now. Phew.

Anyhow, the 2 weeks that I was back at work, I had been busy juggling my current job and trying to learn all the ropes for the new job, panicking like crazy, and getting nightmares about my potential inability to handle all the stuff.

And so, I'm starting a new job this coming Monday. I'm hoping for the best. =)) But please bless me 'cause I think it's gonna be super demanding.

On a happier note, I'm so gonna get my iphone soon!! *HOLLERS*

"I am PRETTY, accept it."

5:02 PM

Friday, November 13, 2009
Am flying to Beijing in another 12hours' time!

So till then... oh wells, I don't even update that often.

BUT BUT BUT. Here's wishing:



JAS!! <-- You are so gonna be with me on your birthday. HAHA.

And I realized, I am flying quite abit this year. And I'm getting so pro at packing my luggage that I have taken such a laidback attitude -- packing only on the day before flight. Ho ho ho.

I hope I don't freeze over in Beijing. =X

"I am PRETTY, accept it."

8:43 PM

Saturday, November 7, 2009
Double standards
You know there are double standards when I perch over a plate of chilli crab and uttered some words about how I can eat crabs now, and that person said "EEYERS. You cant do this!!! ALL YOUR SALIVA ARE NOW ALL OVER THE CRABS!"

And she can happily perch over the plate of bloody crab to chat about her beautiful daughter, and how delicious the crabs are, and how the weather is perfect... while taking her own sweet time spraying countless droplets of her harmless and sweet saliva over the plate of crabs.


What's worse? Everyone gives in to her.


Besides the fact that everyone has been giving in to her all her life?

'cause she has the tendency of creating chaos. Like for example, pissing someone off so much that he gets a mild stroke, or threats of divorce, or you never know... making someone choke on the hock chew fishball?

I think I'm so bitchy. HA.

"I am PRETTY, accept it."

7:53 PM

Updates updates!
Updates updates!

The year's zooming by, and I realized we are already in the month of November (what happened to September and October??), and in no time, we are gonna be in 2010! This is kinda freaky.. in the way that it was 1999 back then, with the y2k bug and what's not (omgosh, I'm reminded of Tan Suet Mian's lectures suddenly, and me counting the number of times he repeat "What's not."), unable to imagine how we were gonna write the dates --"Are we gonna write the year as 00?".

But the thing is, a sudden realization hit me: I have not accomplished much stuff in the year 2009 besides the fact that I managed to graduate and am working now.

And I finally realized why do people make New Year's Resolutions.

I have always thought that New year's resolutions were kinda cheesy. Like yeah, I would make all those lofty new year's resolutions, remind myself and try to stick to them for one week or so, and forget about them on the second week of January.

But anyway, what I meant to say is this: For people that work, it's really easy to go on with life everyday monotonously, carrying on like a robot. And if we don't constantly remind ourselves of our goals (ok fine, this is sounding real cheesy), we would zoom past a whole year without accomplishing ANYTHING.

'cause this is how my week goes typically:

Sunday: Ahhhhhhhh... Why is it already at night??? What happened to the whole day??? Omgosh. It's time to sleep.. I still have gotta wake up at the ungodly hour of 6.30am to make bento tomorrow...

Monday: *make bento grudgingly* *nuaaaaa* Monday blues..... Ok.. Lunch!! Sadly it's only bento lunch...... Ahh.. Only 2pm... 3pm...... Ahh.. Why is it only 4pm???? Ooooh.. It's finally 5! Ah! 6pm! Time to go home!

Tuesday: *makes bento a little happier than on Monday* *repeat the lunch and time thing* 6pm! Time to go home/out for dinner!

Wednesday: *makes bento a little lazily* Mid week! Means 2 more days to weekend!

Thursday: No bento 'cause it's airport day! *happiness*

Friday: TGIF!

Saturday: Oooomhs. *enjoy the whole day nua'ing/going out/whatever comes up*


And each week just flies by. I had been working for the past 4months plus, and it totally doesnt feel like 4months plus at all.

By the way, my contract got extended. That's why I'm still working now. =))

Oh ya, and I'm going to Beijing in a weeks' time! =)))

And I have a gazillion pimples on my face now. Plus loads of water retention on my face that I totally hate looking into the mirror 'cause I don't look like myself at all. argh. Meaning there isnt gonna be any zipais of me till I get rid of the water retention AND pimples.


"I am PRETTY, accept it."

12:53 AM

this is you. introduce yourself. are you in antarctica? maybe, alaska. or maybe africa? oh, anywhere. Hahaha. You might also add if you're a femme or a masculiney man (Is it possible? since it's a girly skin) or maybe the combination of both.

What you love and hate.


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